I help restructure, rebalance and realign the body & mind empowering you to find the Strength & Grace to realize your potential.

Thank you for your interest in Rolfing® and Yoga!

My Boulder Rolfing practice and my Boulder Yoga practice are a way of life for me. Rolfing re-structures, re-balances and re-aligns the body via the connective tissue. Yoga does all of these things with the mind, body and spirit. The two together allow you to connect to your individual Strength & Grace and to live your life in a balanced way – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Rolfing® is an amazing, transformative process that can help you develop both physically and emotionally. Rolfing can reduce physical pain, improve your posture and balance, and make movement easier. Those who receive Rolfing typically feel younger, more positive, and more engaged with the world.

When you combine Rolfing and Yoga, you get synergistic effects beyond the benefits of either alone. As Rolfing opens up new possibilities for movement, yoga provides a way to explore and enhance the new movement patterns. A 10-session series of Rolfing can dramatically propel your yoga practice. Contact me today to set up an appointment.

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What Clients Say

At 81 years of age, I have a severely arthritic knee. Rolfing got rid of my knee pain and I am now playing Racquet ball twice a week.
Jerry, Architect, Boulder, CO
Practicing Yoga with Barb allowed me to learn how to DO Yoga with all of the joy and none of the injuries. The Flow style combined with her attention to detail and alignment principles is the best way to learn.
Rachel, Business Owner, Boulder CO
After many years of being an athlete, adding Yoga to my regime changed my life for the better. Not only am I more flexible and enjoying far fewer aches and pains, my blood pressure is improved and my stress is greatly reduced.
Joe, Engineer, Boulder CO
I came to Rolfing for posture. My body is finally open in the chest and shoulder area…now I have adaptability and can easily stand up straight. People comment that my posture has greatly improved.
Helen, Boulder CO
Rolfing has enabled me to keep hiking, bike riding and skiing. Barb is so much more than a Rolfer. She gives me great exercises to help maintain my flexibility and advice about how to move and what to look for to keep from further injuring myself. Yeah Barb!
Chris, Musician, Boulder CO

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